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Title: Aircraft/Airfield/Airport Diorama Accessory Kits
Post by: Dave Winfield on May 06, 2017, 01:57:14 PM
I have three older Accessory Kits available, that have just been updated!*

An error occured during the final processing of the PDF packages.
Fonts were not saved correctly, resulting in an error to the Aircraft carrier Tug models (in Accessory Kit 3 Modern Era)
This error has been PDFs have been created.
The Kits have also received new Cover pages.
Anyone who already purchased one of these kits through can just log into their account and download the kit again.
You will receive the latest updated versions.

Airfield Accessories 1 WW2
Airfield Accessories 2 Post WW2
Airfield Accessories 3 Modern

Working on a new Airport Diorama Accessories Kit
Modern Airport stuff.

A release date for this package is unknown at this time...stay tuned!