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Title: Air Cad-Con 6 Model Show 2017
Post by: Dave Winfield on October 10, 2017, 05:58:05 PM
Time again for a local (to me) Scale Model Show.

Air Cad-Con  (RCAF Air Cadets 822 Tutor Squadron)
in the Cadet Training Building at Breslau (Waterloo Airport) Ontario

I attended this show last year for the first time, and won a couple of ribbons.
I also vended Paper Kits...alas, I spent more time chatting and walking, and didn't sell a thing! lol

This year I'll try to stay with my table.

Its a small show...not affiliated directly with any individual scale model club, so its not a "plastic" or IPMS event.

There are multiple facebook pages for Air Cad-Con, it gets a bit confusing.
You can get basic show info here:

Some pics from last years event here:

I'll try to take some pics and post them after the fact.
Last year I entered my set of (5) Tutor Jet models and my big Centurion Tank which went over quite well.
Not sure if I'll enter (or just display) my new Saladin Armoured Car model, but I am taking my Disruptive Camo PT Boat for competition.
Title: Re: Air Cad-Con 6 Model Show 2017
Post by: Dave Winfield on October 15, 2017, 10:10:44 AM

Air Cad-Con 6 came and went yesterday.
This is billed as a "Scale Model" event primarily built around a connection with a local Air Cadet Squadron.
However this year, Air Cadet participation was less obvious.
The Cadets mainly helped with setup, cleanup and were just a visible presence.
There were no RCAF presentations, speeches or Cadet related activities.

This is the second time I have attended, vended, and competed at this event.
Unfortunately the show endured more than one major management change this year and was left terribly unorganized.
Only minutes before the planned start time of the show, organizers were still scrambling to make changes and figure out a plan.
I think the new management deserves praise for pulling together a show at the last minute.

As a Vendor, I was eventually accomodated with a suitable table and location
but not before I considered getting back in my car and leaving.
Other Vendors complained as well, mostly of table position and general floor plan issues.

I'm guessing advertising was minimal and with management issues visible on facebook, the overall attendance was down.
The number of vendors, spectators and competition Model entries was far less than last year.
I'd guess about 30-40% of last year in total.

It was a mild but slightly rainy day...and eventually the sun came out...which was a good thing,
since a large rear Delivery Door needed to be opened in the afternoon to let light in.
A local Power Transformer was being replaced, so workers had to shut off all power and lights mid afternoon.

Things just seemed to go from bad to worse.

In the end I packed up early, along with many other Vendors, but not before spreading the word about paper modeling.
I spoke to a few interested people about paper models and sparked interest in many spectators ...and a few plastic modellers.
I sold a couple of printed kits, sold a CD set of models, and passed out many business cards and stickers.
Considering the lighter attendance, I was satisfied with my contribution to the hobby, even if I didn't sell much..

As far as model competition is I said, attendance was down considerably, so it wasn't a major contest.
There were many nice entries and quality work.
And although the entries were limited, a wide range of Categories was sufficiently represented.


Unfortunately for us non-plastic guys (me mostly) there was major evidence of plastic influence and collusion. (-smirk-)
I personally noticed many IPMS representatives including serious plastic modellers involved in the competition judging.
Even the organizer of the event spoke with me about wanting to bring in IPMS sanctioning for next year.

I was particularly saddened by this, since I really enjoyed the idea that  up to now this was a "scale model" event,
rather than a "plastic model" event or an IPMS ruled event.

And that brings me to my own competition woes...I brought out my Saladin Armoured Car for the first time
along with a my large scale Disruptive Camouflage PT Boat specifically for the contest.


The Saladin was grouped with four other models in the Closed Top Post-1945 Non Tracked Armoured Vehicle.
My PT Boat was one of only three entries in the Powered Warship (non-Submarine) category.

There seemed to be some confusion and concern over who was going to judge the contest models.
I overheard some discussion regarding the judging process.
I even made a joke to the organizers about streamlining the process by "just writing my name down".

I watched a well known (to this group) plastic modeller examining the Armoured vehicles, while lecturing some Air Cadets.
I don't know for sure, but I think he was doing the competition judging (at least for that category)
He did a lot of waving off at my model and pointing out specific details on the other (plastic) models.
It definitely didn't look like my entry was getting a fair shake.

Yeah... I know...sounds like a sore paper modeller again, doesn't it?
Well... considering the immense amount of praise and comments I endured all day from vendors and spectators,
praising my Saladin and PT Boat models.
...I really thought it would fair well in the competition.

Unfortunately it didn't even place when first, second and third place were announced.
I was definitely surprised.

Then, an even funnier thing happened every Category, that had at least three entries, Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes were awarded.
But in the Powered Warships category only first and second places were announced.
And my PT Boat wasn't one of those.
Did I mention that my PT Boat was one of only three entries in that category?


Maybe I should have asked someone about that?...but to be honest, I had had enough of that day by that point.
My vendor table was already packed up, my car was packed...I only need to recover my competition entries ...
and so I didn't waste any time heading home.

Not sure I'll bother with competition entries any more, at least not at any IPMS related events.
Even though this wasn't an IPMS sanctioned event, its clear thats what the organizers wanted.

A few more photos of the event here:
Title: Re: Air Cad-Con 6 Model Show 2017
Post by: Vermin King on October 15, 2017, 09:09:17 PM
Very disappointing on a number of fronts