Author Topic: Canadian Pattern Centurion Tank with 105 mm Gun  (Read 4719 times)


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Re: Canadian Pattern Centurion Tank with 105 mm Gun
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Just in case you end up doing an Israeli version, the engine and therefore the rear engine compartment may be very different on the Israeli Centurion. Israel bought surplus British Centurions "By the Acre" back in 1959. The original British versions had a gasoline engine and the transmission was so bad that every tank driver had a 10 pounds hammer to help in shifting gears. In the south or the Sinai desert - many would catch fire on training missions due to the extreme heat and gasoline fumes. The Israeli went immediately into a modernization program. The first thing they did was to replace the engines with American V-12 Continental diesels. Than the original 4 pounder gun was replaced with a standard NATO 105 mm. In 1973 when I was a tanker in the IDF, the tank had become a very potent fighting machine. Its biggest advantage over most other tanks was that all its systems were electrically operated rathe than hydraulic. A bitter lesson the Israeli tankers learned was that hydraulic fluid was very flammable - many of my friends who served in the Sinai using American M-48 and M-60 tanks were severly burned when their tanks were hit.