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Star Trek TOS Shuttlecraft Galileo
« on: December 22, 2013, 02:48:02 PM »
I'm sure many of you are aware I added a miniature Galileo Shuttlecraft to my Koolwheelz collection.
How could i not? was designed by the great Gene Winfield.

You can find it here, on my Koolwheelz download page:

Gene was a premier Custom Car builder in the 1960s who is responsible for a creating a number of
customizing and painting techniques still used today. He is also quite (un)known for building some
very well known custom the Blade Runner vehicles and the Shuttlecraft Galileo for the
original Star Trek series.

Anyway, I created my Galileo from scratch, a couple of years back, and it is a much downloaded model.

Just recently, I was searching for some reference material for an upcoming project and I came across a site
with some older SciFi paper models...specifically some Star Trek related models by various designers.
And I noticed a Galileo Shuttle model.

Now, maybe I am just slow, and everyone already knows about this model
...but this is honestly the first time I have seen it!
I did a doubletake, thinking it was a ripoff of my Galileo model and I took a good second look.
Not only is this a unique paper model...its extremely well designed and considerably older than mine.

After hunting a little further, I see the model posted on a few other sites, so obviously I don't get out much! lol

The artwork is copyrighted 2004 and the artist is Joerg Stammen.
(as I said, all you Trekkers probably already know the name...I apologize for taking so long to find the model)

Anyway, its a free to download model, here:

The model looks quite small...maybe about the same size as mine.
I prefer the artwork on logos and lettering look a little better I think.
And I like the constructions of the nacelles on my model a little better.

But what sets Jorg's model apart is the fact that it has an interior.
For a model of this size, this is quite impressive.
At least, I am impressed with this model...thats why I wanted to share it.

An opening side door! full interior! ...even rear compartment details!

A number of Model photos can be found here:

Factoid: Joerg's Shuttle model is Galileo II.  Galileo (my model) first appeared and was lost (in the episode "The Galileo Seven").
Subsequent episodes used the same Shuttlecraft props, redressed as the Galileo II. There may have been other physical modifications.

PS. I'm aware that there are other models of the Galileo...these just happen to be two of my favorites!