Author Topic: CL-41 Tutor (CT-114) Updates  (Read 434 times)

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CL-41 Tutor (CT-114) Updates
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:37:01 AM »
Just made a couple of (small) changes to my latest Tutor kit that I am working on
and decided to update all the Tutor kits with the same mods.

Small changes, you might not even be concerned.
But, if you bought any of the Tutors (Snowbirds, Tebuan, Golden Cent.)
you can go to ecardmodels and re-download the kits (through your account)
and you'll get the latest version with the mods.

I am just getting ready to publish the fourth CL-41 model, this time it is the natural metal finish RCAF Trainer.
And I have just started work on the fifth instalment...a Red Knight Tutor.

From the very first Tutor kit, I have been promising myself that I was going to adjust those side "deflectors" that fit into the jet Engine intakes. 
The deflectors are slightly offset, as they should be,
but I didn't like the very thin pointed sliver of material on one side.
And the very thick section on the other side.
This goes back to the original work Nobi did for me...and I wanted to make a small design change, but never did.  My fault.

But after building the new RCAF Tutor I decided to modify the shape a little bit will hardly notice it. But its enough to strengthen the thin side of that part, and move the deflector down a little bit.

And as I said, I have modified the deflectors in all previous kits.

Deflectors in this photo have NOT been modified.

And, while photographing this latest RCAF Tutor, I noticed how high the plane sits at the rear.

I must explain, that the original prototype model sat way too low (compared to the real plane).
The tail is supposed to sit a little higher that the cockpit.
And since I was redesigning the Landing Gear (more than once), I compensated and increased the stance of the plane.

But after photographing this latest build, from the side, I see that it sits a bit too high.
The spine of the fuselage should be closer to horizontal.
So, I have shortened the Main Landing Gear a little bit to drop it down.
Not much...about 2mm in total.

Probably not going to notice the change until you view the model directly from the side
but it should be more accurate this way.

And, as said, I have modified all the Tutor kits with the slightly shorter Landing Gear struts.

These aren't big modifications...just little things that bugged me.
But I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the changes and you can decide if you want to replace the kits in your collection.[/b]