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Canada Themed Models subsection
« on: March 28, 2016, 12:32:35 PM »
You may have noticed the subsection titled "A Directory of Canadian Themed Models"

This is not because I am Canadian or the forum is Canadian.
I am in fact English, but I live in Canada and I have been attempting to promote paper modeling to more Canadians.
I noticed there was a limited number of Canadian related models, but a substantial number of Canadian military models
that might warrant attention. It would be very simple to include all non-Military models and create a Directory.
There are many paper model directories out there...but not one specifically for I thought "why not".

Anyway, I have been somewhat lax in adding newly found Canadian themed/related paper models to the Directory.
I am suggesting to all members that you can add models that you find.
Please follow the suggested and existing patterns for posts.
There is a (sticky post)Guide in each section telling you the rules of posting in that section.

Also, please pay attention to how some topics are grouped.
In the Aviation area, for example, I have created threads for specific aircraft
rather than allowing multiple threads for the same type of aircraft (with different liveries, versions, etc)
If you want to add an item, just check to see if there is a thread already created and put it in there.

If any member would like to take on the task of monitoring, maintaining and/or stocking the Directory,
just go ahead and do it!
If you need to make changes within the Directory, I can give you modding abilities for that section.
Contact me and let me know.