Author Topic: Where to get KoolWheelz models!  (Read 471 times)

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Where to get KoolWheelz models!
« on: April 08, 2016, 09:37:54 AM »
KoolWheelz models are available for free at my website.

Go to
Click on the link to Dave's Card Creations.
Go to the KoolWheelz Collection.
Pick a page/topic.
Click on the small Model Sheet images to download any model for free. not post the models anywhere else.
Do not share the models or reproduce the Model Sheets.
You are welcome to link to the site, the KoolWheelz pages, etc
You are welcome to save images of models to use in your links.
You can also contact me if you need images.

Please DO NOT post copies of the Model Sheets themselves.
I am getting complaints and inquiries for better copies of the Model Sheets.
People are finding smaller lower quality images of the Model Sheets, on sites like Pinterest and Photobucket.
I am not the one posting these images.

If you find a KoolWheelz model, or a copy of a Model Sheet, on any other site (not mine)
please report it to me.
  I share these models freely with the public and the only thing I ask
is that you come to my website to get them.  This is why I do not give permission to copy
the files in any way and post them on any other website or webpage.

You can view photos of most of the KoolWheelz collection here:[/b]

And for those of you just interested in just the Batman related models, you can view some HQ photos here: