Author Topic: Canadian Bren Gun Carrier  (Read 436 times)

Miles Linnabery

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Canadian Bren Gun Carrier
« on: August 07, 2016, 05:24:50 PM »
Dear AirDave:
I found a real working Bren gun carrier a a military Museum in Niagara on the Lake it is not out on display often however the weekend of Aug. 27 and 28 it will be out at Old Fort George along with 29 other Canadian vehicles used by the Lincoln and Welland Regiment. Go to the Fort George Canadian Parks Web page for info on the weekend. I did take a picture of a poster about the event PM if you would like to see it and I will email you the Jpeg. I will try to go over and take a bunch of pictures of it as it is in Canadian markings would make a supper 1/18 scale Dave type model Hint Hint.

Dave Winfield

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Re: Canadian Bren Gun Carrier
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2016, 12:15:36 AM »
Miles...I moved this thread over here, to the Projects section.
(You had it posted in the Directory of (existing) Paper Models. No problem!)

The Tank Museum in Oshawa has two of these Bren Carriers.
At least I think they are both Bren Gun Carriers.
They are also working/running.

Its just not a vehicle I am interested in.
Seriously not interested in.
LOL sorry

Sure, they are interesting vehicles...look like deathtraps to me.
Very scary.
And neat to see at the Museum.

But I just don't have any connection or personal desire to do a model of one.

A couple of years back...maybe more like 5, 6, 7?...I was at a model show in London Ontario
and there was an all metal model of the Gun Carrier entered in the competition.
I think it was 1/6 scale.

This is the same vehicle that is at the Tank Museum in Oshawa.