Author Topic: Paper Con 2017 - Spring Modelers Meet in Dayton Ohio  (Read 558 times)

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Paper Con 2017 - Spring Modelers Meet in Dayton Ohio
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:57:03 PM »
If you're a member over at, you may already know of this.
For those of you who are not...or just aren't aware...

I am trying to organize a Spring Paper Modelers Meet for 2017.
(To be honest, if it doesn't happen in 2017, I'll keep trying for 2018)

Actual details are still up in the air since I have yet to confirm many things
including how many people will actually be interested in attending.

The planned date for the Convention is Saturday March 25, 2017
and the location is Dayton Ohio...home of the amazing USAF Museum.

I have a rough plan for the event (detailed below) but please keep in mind its all brainstorming at this point.
I'm in the middle of choosing a Hotel venue for the event and sorting out other related costs, such as a Banquet for all attendees.

Paper-Con...Dayton Ohio March 25 2017
The event, held at (TBA) Hotel, will be a public event.
It will be advertised locally on online.
The public is invited to tour the event, see paper models on display, learn about the hobby, and take part in judging.
Door prizes will also be offered.

The event will take place on the Saturday from 10am- 4pm.
There will be an earlier display setup period and a short Opening Ceremony/Lecture.
(If possible, display setup on the Friday night will be arranged)

Registered Participants are invited to take part by setting up a display table showcasing paper models and crafts,
and/or offering demonstration and paper modeling related resources.

Vendors are also invited to participate.
Participants can sell stuff!
We can try to invite some local Hobby related vendors too.

However, Paid Registered Participants are not required to do the table thing.
You can just show up, enter a model in the competition, enjoy the banquet, etc.
You don't have to set up an entire display table, but a table is reserved for you if you want it.

A model competition will also be conducted.
Any and all displayed models will be eligible for varied judging and awards.
There will also be publicly voted awards.
An additional table will be available for competition entries not associated with registered participants.
Rules will be more casual than at other model events, since our focus is more on the social.
Like the IPMC, the awards and judging will reflect comraderie, fun and sportmanship,
as well as model quality and expertise.
I plan on offering some sort of event Award(s) and physical prizes.

After the event, there will be a tear down and cleanup period (maybe 2 hours?)
and then a catered Banquet meal and Awards ceremony.
(Possibly a cash Bar, if the hotel can arrange this)

Obviously I have to think about many other related issues and costs,
as there is still much to sort out...

$80 [Updated price] gets you registration for the event
and a single 8ft. display table (and chairs).
This also includes participation in any pre-event activities
and after-event activities.
It also covers your cost for the Awards Ceremony and Banquet Meal.
I'm still sorting out the Meal choices.

Guest cost for the Banquet/Awards Ceremony is an additional $40
This will only apply to Guests of a Registered Participant.

Additional Display tables will be available for $20 per table.

I'm going to try to offer some other special perks for participants,
I have a few ideas in mind, more on that later.

Hotel accommodation costs will be the responsibility of the participant,
but I am trying to arrange some reduced rates and package rates.

If anyone wishes to bring and enter a model, but not take part as a registered participant, they can.
I will set up an additonal table(s) for those models.
Unfortunately the Awards ceremony will be part of the evening Banquet,
so only Registered Participants and their Guests will be able to attend.
Any awards for competition-only participants can be picked up on Sunday at the hotel or I will arrange delivery at a later time.

So thats basically it...

I need to know how many people will seriously commit to taking part.
How many will pay the Participants fee and show up?
I also need a general head count to make arrangements with a Hotel.

I need a bare minimum of 20 participants (not incluidng Guests) to make this happen.

Let me it here...
or email me and tell me (@)

Please don't say yes if you are unsure.
I seriously have to determine if enough people WILL commit
to decide if I fight to make this event happen.
If there just isn't enough participation, then... maybe 2018.

Those that have already committed (to me) don't need to post again.
We are about 7 definites...and 3 maybes, so far.

That number needs to be (at least) tripled to make this event a reality.

And, I'm running out of time to organize things
...I may not even be able to book with a Hotel at this point (but I can try).
So, this goes until the end of the month, roughly one more week.

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Re: Paper Con 2017 - Spring Modelers Meet in Dayton Ohio
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2016, 02:09:20 PM »
If you have any ideas for the Meet, don't hesitate to let me know.
I'm working on plenty of ideas right now, but suggestions are always appreciated.

If theres anything in particular you'd like to see or do...bring it up.

Registered participants are invited to take part in the coordinating and planning of the event.
Just let me know if I can call on you.

If theres anything at all you want to it past me.


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Re: Paper Con 2017 - Spring Modelers Meet in Dayton Ohio
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2017, 09:31:35 PM »
Has this been confirmed? Did I miss a memo?

Many thnx....

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Re: Paper Con 2017 - Spring Modelers Meet in Dayton Ohio
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2017, 11:57:42 PM »
Big apologies...I guess I dropped the ball on not posting full reports here.
This discussion evolved and happened over at

After much effort, no positive conclusion was reached.
I won't bore you with all the posts,
but heres the final one I made with regards to the 2017 Paper-Con event...

Understand that this decision was made after canceling plans and then resurrecting the idea last time.
And after I asked (one too many times I'm sure) for sufficient commitments.

okay...enough time has passed...
its time to officially put this idea on hold.

I'm sorry to say that I just haven't any more commitments
to fork over the entry fee and take part in the event.
Its not just a money thing...its also about having a sufficient number of exhibitors to make it a worthwhile event.

Don't worry, I understand completely, why some people just can't commit.
Whether it be for financial reasons or life reasons.
I have the same considerations.
And, I understand the timeframe issue...many of you have jobs or other personal obligations.

I'm sure some of you may sign up at a later date,
but I have to consider the initial financial expenses and commitment costs (out of my own pocket).
If I had the money, I would not even think about.
Just go ahead and book everything and hope I recovered costs at a later time.
But I just can't do that...thats why I was hoping to get a minimum number of committed individuals to take part.

And...I must thank, the nine individuals who gave me that commitment!
And, the six "maybe" participants.

I even appreciate the two individuals who took the time to privately let me know why
they could not/would not be taking part.

I hope you all can understand this was something of a dream project,
and something we might still be able to organize in the future.

I'm already thinking about some Fund Raising ideas,
and maybe over the next year I can raise some funds that might be used for a 2018 event.
At least it would give me that edge over the up-front out-of-pocket expenses
and allow me to go ahead and organize the event regardless of the number of attendees
...and beg for financial help afterwards. lol

If and when I get around to implementing my fund raising ideas,
I will try to keep both forums (this one and up to date.