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Re: HeritageCon 2013 IPMS Hamilton Canada - Mar 03
« Reply #11 on: March 04, 2013, 09:19:27 AM »
Well HeritageCon7 has come...and gone.

In many ways, similar to my first Show (the IPMS London Ontario Scale Model Event).
As usual, many interested spectators stopped and looked at my models, asked questions
and showed a constant entushiasm for the hobby (even if they weren't going to get involved).
Plenty of plastic guys stopped and talked to me about my models.  In fact I was located in
a very visible location, all traffic to and from the Competition Tables had to go past me and
you would have to make a deliberate attempt to not see my display.

Plenty of other Vendors selling mostly Plastic Kits and lots of Books.
Canadian theme strong in everything...especially since we were sitting in the midst of a ton
of Canadian Air history.  Thats the really cool thing about this event, being held in the Canadian
Warplane Heritage Museum, you are sitting amongst, next to and around some amazing vintage
aircraft...and you get full access to the entire Museum.

Now...about the competition itself.
This is the point where my day went south.  As it stands now, I will not attend this event again.
I had no luck (last year) with communication with the one and only contact for the event, the
President for IPMS Hamilton...and the same again this year.  I had a number of questions regarding
setup, times and most importantly model categories and entries. I was even trying to sponsor and
award or put up raffle table prizes. (Its only since Sunday mid day, that some updates were made
to their website with new Show information!)

When I showed up at the event with two (paper) models I was faced with:
a. no category for my "Armour" models even though they have two paper model categories, but only for aircraft and ships.
b. no willingness to create a category (although I can understand that they wouldn't be prepared with an award)
c. absolutely no willingness to place my models in their correct categories ("large scale armour" and "large
scale tracked vehicle") because "those categories are only for plastic models" I was told.
(even though it states clearly in the Rules that "Models may be constructed from any Material"
and there were wood and resin models in the main categories.)

After some discussion by the Judges (? I assume) I was told I had two choices...come back next year and try again
or they would accept my models in the "Catch-22" category. Which is supposedly for any model that doesn't fit in any
other category.  An oddball category with an already odd assortment of models that I didn't understand.

I have to say the attitude was short, sharp and snotty.  Right from the guy who took my Model Entry money, to this the Model Judges that walked past my Table after judging (who seemed to make a very deliberate effort
to avoid looking in the direction of me and my tables.

I had made it clear to the staff that I was not happy with options and I bitched and whined about my models being
good enough for other categories. I asked to put up against the plastic kits. I criticised the event and their rules.
In the end I won nothing...not even a notable mention.

I'm not sure who "judges" the paper models? Judging by the "plastic only" attitude, I don't see how they could judge fairly.
In fact I didn't see any Judges spending any time at my models. (I might have missed it but I don't think so)
I'll come right out and say it....I think I bitched and whined enough, that I was completely snubbed.
Looking at the other entrants in the "Catch-22" category, theres no way I couldn't be recognized.  Judging from
the constant positive reaction from spectators and model guys, theres no way my models would not have been
well received.  I honestly believe that I was purposely ignored.  And in comparison to the warm and receptive attitude
of the guys at the IPMS London event, theres no way I have any interest in the Hamilton group anymore.

[Extra note...looks like no other paper models were entered, in fact the Paper Model Entires Table had been completely
removed when I went to get my models after the Judging was concluded)

I'll wrap this up by saying I wish I had just gone as would have been better to keep my models on my tables
for display...and the event would have been a lot more agreeable as a Paper Modeling promotional thing.

Heres some photos from the day...with a little commentary to help you follow:
(click the small pics to make them bigger!)

1. My table setup
2. More of my tables.
3. My tables, looking the other way!
4. The competition tables.

5. Spectators looking at models.
6. My Autocar as an entry
7. Both my entries.
8. Little Willie entry.


9. A cool scratchbuilt "bus"?
10. That coool bus again.
11. A couple of impressive Subs.
12. I found the ship models heavily painted - for realism?

13. Such a cool little diorama.
14. Not sure which was the front, but it doesn't matter!
15. Bela was quite big and well painted.
16. In fact, he was amazingly lifelike!

17. This is what I stared at from my seat.
18. Up for a closer look.
19. ooh aah
20. 20mm revolving cannon

21. Nice Hurricane
22. same Hurricane
23. everywhere I look, I see old, not the guy! the outdated banner!
24. its made of wood you know.

25. don't remember taking this pic...not sure why
26. a similar view, but a better photo
27. all the engines were being serviced on the Lancaster.
28. and the wheels too!
29. everything is at such a high reach! must get tiring for the mechanics.
30. imagine the eyes that have peered through that glass.

31. a lot of aircraft are in the midst of major servicing at the Museum.
32. don't know why, but I liked the look of this plane.
33. more renovations and restorations!
34. pretty!
35. seen this Catalina fly up to my town a few times, its really cool to see.
36. For some reason this Voodoo did not excite me...maybe its just a blah paint scheme?

37. Way too many Harvards in this place! lol
38. Tried to get some nice light effects but it just wasn't happening.
39. The logo is quite nice when you see it up close.
40. as I said, they have a few harvards.
41. #5...I have a model of this one!

42. There is an upper concourse where you can get a better view.
43. However all the aircraft have been pushed to one side to make room for the Show.
44. End of the show, and awards are being presented.

45. Too cold to go outside but I spotted this baby!
46. and someone got a little carried away with the black spray paint! lol
47. I would have liked to take a closer look at this "display" Golden Hawks Sabre.
48. another vintage RCAF jet (not Canada Forces)

49. The Museum entrance is impressive.
50. another attempt at some cool lighting effects...oh never mind.
51. a lovely bright day made for a very shiny Starfighter.
52. Looks like she needs some paint touchups.



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Re: HeritageCon 2013 IPMS Hamilton Canada - Mar 03
« Reply #12 on: March 04, 2013, 12:11:04 PM »
Agh... too bad... I really am disapointed at the judges, as you describe them. But having my own share of that in Houston, I feel IPMS - although open to paper models - they still fear them. As I said, they lack the knowledge to judge something like that.

But again, we cannot blame them. They have to try one... or two.

On the Austin, Texas event, I was only recognized because one of the judges build a couple of paper models several years ago, and he though they were extinct.

At least you had the table in front of a Catalina! And your table looked impressive, and large! The PT-109 looks amazing.

But all in all, it was another experience to your baggage of life.
- Gerardo