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Holiday Paper Models...
« on: January 06, 2012, 11:44:35 AM »
Just before Xmas, I was helping out my Daughter with Gift ideas for her Sister.
Her Sis is into Birds and butterflies, so I printed out the Canon Swallowtail kit for her to assemble and give as a Gift.
I helped of course, but she still did all the cutting, folding, creasing, forming and edge colouring.
I think she did a good job!


Myself, I had an idea back in November for a Card Model I was going to give as a Gift to my Daughter.
Starting with the paper-replika models of Jessie and Bullseye (from Disney's Toy Story)...

I recoloured Jessie into a blond (like my Daughter)
I also changed her eye colour, and the colours on her Clothing.
My Daughter loves everything in bright lime green!

I also shortened Jessie's legs, a lot! make her scale better with the Horse.

The Horse I recoloured to match my daughter's Horse DW.
I even added a bright green Saddle Blanket!

She does Barrel Racing, so I designed a competition Barrel for the display too.

The whole sculpture is on a custom made based
which was designed to fit into a clear acrylic display case I had laying around.
(The case has been removed for the photos)

Whole model is about 6" tall, 8" in the case.


What about you? Did you make and give any Paper Models for Xmas?



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Re: Holiday Paper Models...
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2012, 12:46:22 PM »
That is really cool Dave!  My mom came to visit the grandsons for Christmas,
and she wanted a couple of planes to put on her shelf back at her apartment,
so I gave her a GeeBee Z and a Moska bis I had built. 

Respect the Paper, RESPECT IT!

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Re: Holiday Paper Models...
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2012, 01:51:26 PM »
My son is a Family Guy fan, so I made him a model of Stewie.  My grandmother is in a nursing home and has little room for models.  They have a rather large aviary in the day room, so I made her a Java sparrow to sit on her own tv and she likes plants, but one of them looks like an aquarium plant, so I made the black goldfish from Epson and ran some piano wire into it for a stand.  Now she has a goldfish swimming past her plant.  Sorry, but no pics.  Actually no pics that are usable...
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