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On This Date feature - Guidelines for Posting
« on: November 25, 2013, 03:32:36 PM »
The On This Date feature will showcase each day of each month,
with notable dates and events in history by also showcasing a related Paper Model.

Models chosen for each date will also include links to acquire each model.
(Free and For Sale Models may be posted. Links may be to downloads or sites for purchasing models.)

Make sure to subscribe to each thread (monthly) to receive updates of each
days new posts and to make sure you don't miss any model links!

Feel free to make suggestions for important dates and/or model links.
Just make sure you give us enough advance warning.
To suggest, just send a PM to (Mod) Vermin King are welcome to make your own On This Date post!
Heres how:
1. Make sure to quote the date (only post on the exact date, or the late night before)
2. Include a description of the notable event that occurred on that date. (add as much as you want, but doesn't have to be a novel.)
3. If you can, add a small photo related to the event. (small pics are best and friendlier to all users)
4. Include a related Paper Model - make sure to include basic info about the model (designer's name. etc),
    a link to the model itself ...and its not a requirement, but a small picture if possible.
   *links can only be to a website that sells the model or offers a download. Please, no direct file downloading links.

Thats it!
Try to follow the guidelines or else we may have to delete your post.
Keep it family friendly and try not to offend anyone please.

If you have questions or suggestion, feel free to post them in this thread.

Big thanks to our own Mod Vermin King, for coming up with this whole idea!